If you're reading this, then you've already discovered this new feature!

We've added a place for news and other kinds of articles. Think of it as Film Triangle's Blog. Here you'll read about news relating to Film Triangle and the greater indie film community. We'll provide tips for filmmakers – some general and some more specific to Film Triangle. We may highlight a particular film or filmmaker on occasion. We'll also explain new features of FilmTriangle.com as they're released.

In the film industry the word "feature" typically means a film longer than about an hour or so (as opposed to a short). When referring to features of Film Triangle, we mean a piece of functionality of the site.

Now, the specifics about how these new features work...
On certain pages of the site (the homepage for instance), an additional pane is displayed showing the latest articles in a summary format. There's also a new "News/Articles" link in the main navigation of the site. Clicking that link will bring you to a new page showing a summary of the latest articles. If you see an article of interest, click the headline – either on the "Latest Articles" page or in the side pane list – and the full article will be shown.

An upcoming feature will include an RSS or ATOM feed so you'll be able to subscribe to the articles with your feed reader of choice.

As always, please give us your feedback via the Contact page.
Thanks for using Film Triangle!