A few weeks ago a press release was issued announce the existence of Film Triangle. Here it is in its entirety:

Film Distribution Now Easier with FilmTriangle.com

Ankeny, IA – Feb. 13, 2008 – Film Triangle is a new online service for independent film. It's designed to help filmmakers expand the reach of their art.

Through the FilmTriangle.com website, filmmakers can network with other filmmakers, fans and distributors. They can sell their films directly to the audience for download and market their films for traditional distribution. Fans of cinema can see truly independent films they might not otherwise have access to. Distributors can easily find the most marketable films from the hottest new filmmakers.

"It's like a film festival and marketplace, except it's completely online," says Film Triangle creator Jake Kerber. "It's a new way for filmmakers to self-distribute and even make money for their short films, which haven't really had much of a market in the past."

Film Triangle's guiding philosophy is to let the artist keep as much control as possible.
Their deal with the filmmakers is completely non-exclusive, meaning that the filmmakers that sell their films through the site are still free to sell through any other channels they wish. And filmmakers can choose to stop selling through Film Triangle at any time. Membership to the service is free. Filmmakers upload their films in whatever format they want and set their own prices. There are no censorship rules, or restrictions based on any content or genre. The submitter must of course have the legal right to post (be the owner of) the content.

In January Jake Kerber discussed Film Triangle with filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. "This is a service we really need" said DJ Halferty, an excited filmmaker from Los Angeles. There was wide agreement from the other filmmakers in attendance.

The Film Triangle service has officially launched and registration is now open to the public at FilmTriangle.com. The film upload and setup portions of the site are currently available, but the download portions are not yet activated. Those portions will go "on line" after an initial catalog of content is built up. The listing fees, typically charged to filmmakers in order to sell through Film Triangle, are being waived while the service is building up its content catalog prior to launching the download service, expected in Spring 2008.

The networking features of the site will come online as they are developed and implemented over the upcoming months.

Film Triangle is run by Kerber Technology Solutions, LLC (KerberTech), an Information Technology (IT) services company specializing in custom web-based application development. KerberTech is based in Ankeny, Iowa.