Upload ANY file type, Give descriptions for files, and Upload via the website!

First, you can now upload ANY file type for your film. This means you can upload any file format for your video, including H.264 QuickTime for Mac and iPod users, .WMV for Windows users, xvid, divx, whatever. Not only that, it also means you can upload other non-video files for your film. For example, you could upload a PDF of your script to get true fans more involved with your film and more likely to tell their friends about it. You could upload mp3's of your film's score. Just make sure you have the rights to sell the files before you upload them.

Secondly, after you upload a file, you can specify its aspect ratio and give a description for it on the Film Detail page. For example, you can specify an aspect ratio of 320x240 for a portable media player-sized file. Then you can give a description that tells the format of the file to the potential purchaser and that the file is formatted for an iPod or whatever. If the file is a non-video file (a PDF, for example) you can leave the aspect ratio blank and use the description field to say what the PDF is (the script of the movie, or a set of production stills, for instance).

And finally, despite the limitations, we've enabled file uploads directly from the website -- rather than having to use the File Manager application. This can be done right on the Film Detail page (in the file section at the bottom). Files uploaded on the website must be 50 MB or smaller. You'll have to use the File Manager for larger files. The Filmmaker-FAQ has an explanation about the File Manager application.