FAQ for Filmmakers

Q: Why do I need to use the Film Triangle software to upload my film?
A: There are several reasons:
  • For uploads via the website, if the transmission is interrupted part-way through for some reason, you would have to start all over again.
  • There's a technical limitation for web-based uploads that prevents files larger than 2 GB from being uploaded.
  • Allowing excessively large file uploads via the website could cause an unnecessary drain on server resources.
  • If we did allow web-based uploads, but capped the file size for such uploads, there's no easy and complete way (without using potentially insecure client scripts) to stop a file that is too large from starting the upload process. The upload would fail at the server once it got there. Even worse, however, the server must wait until the whole file is received before notifying the user of the problem (due to technical limitations of how HTTP works).
Q: Why would I set different prices for fans and distributors?
A: You may want to set a lower price for distributors to encourage them to view your film.
Q: Can I upload different files for the same film?
A: Yes. Each file you upload for a film must be a copy of the entire film. However, you can upload files of different formats and image sizes -- for example, an expensive HD version and a cheaper version for portable media playing devices (iPods, for example).
Q: If I upload my film to Film Triangle, am I "locked into" an exclusive deal?
A: No. When you upload your content, you grant Film Triangle a non-exclusive license to sell your film on our site. You are still totally free to market and sell your film to anyone else you wish.
Q: How much money will I earn for each purchase of my film?
A: That depends on the prices you set and is calculated as follows:
For each film file you upload, we specify the minimum price that you must set for the file. That amount will be retained by Film Triangle for each purchase to cover the costs of internet bandwidth for sending the file to the purchaser. Then 80% of the remaining amount will be set aside for you. For example, let’s say the minimum price for your film file is $1.00. If you set your price at $6.00, then your cut will be $4.00. That is:
80% of $6 - $1
= 80% of $5
= $4

If you set your price at $11, then your cut would be $8. That is, 80% of $11 - $1 or 80% of $10.

Note: These pricing calculations are subject to change within the limits of our Terms of Use and Filmmaker Agreement.
Q: Is membership free for filmmakers?
A: Yes, membership to Film Triangle is free for filmmakers. However, in order to list your film for sale, you must pay a one-time listing fee for each file you upload (on the order of a couple dollars per file, depending on the size of the file).
Q: I uploaded my film, but it isn’t yet "verified". What does it mean for a film to be verified?
A: When a file is uploaded, we check to see that we received the whole file and we may also check for violations of our Terms of Use. If there appears to be a problem we may attempt to contact you to resolve any issues. This verification process could possibly take minutes or up to several days.
Q: Does Film Triangle filter certain content or restrict what kinds (genres, etc.) of films can be uploaded to Film Triangle?
A: In principle, we try to give as much freedom to the artist as possible. Thus we prefer to not restrict films based on content except when they are expressly illegal. It is therefore possible that some users may find certain films on Film Triangle to be offensive. To respond to this we plan to implement personal content settings that a user can voluntarily configure to limit the films visible to him/her based on how other users have rated the content of the film. We, the Film Triangle staff, assume no responsibility for the content ratings of films on the Film Triangle site.