Film Triangle is for Film-Makers, Fans, and Distributors.

It's a web-based application where filmmakers post their films for purchase which then get reviewed by fans.
Traditional (DVD, theatrical) distributors use the ratings to decide which films to pursue.

  • Sell directly to the audience (even shorts)
  • Set your own prices
  • Interact with others in the business
  • Market to traditional distributors
  • A completely non-exclusive deal (for any type/genre of video content)
  • Get great films at reasonable prices
  • Watch the films when, where, and how you want with any media player
  • Quality pre-screening
  • See who (and what) is hot among cinema fans
  • Find the most popular and marketable films
  • The film festival/market experience without the traveling expense

How does Film Triangle work for Filmmakers? Here’s the idea:

  1. Register – provide contact information and verify your email address.
  2. Create an entry for your film and upload the video file.
  3. Set your prices for fans and distributors.
  4. Fans and/or distributors will discover your film on Film Triangle. They’ll purchase and download the file. A portion of the purchase price, depending on the prices you set, will be put aside for you and will continue to accumulate.
  5. When your income balance exceeds the necessary threshold, we will issue a check to you for the amount earned.
  6. Watchers of your film will review it and convince others to buy it too.
  7. Distributors will see the buzz around your film and contact you for a distribution deal.

To learn more, check out the Frequently Asked Questions:
Filmmaker FAQ